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Antwerp rules!


Are you ready to experience Belgium, like you have never done before? Come to one of our Antwerp camps!
In the city of diamonds, you will shine like you have never shined before. On the beautiful premises of Royal Hockey Club Dragons, you will participate in challenging training sessions and top hockey clinics. 
During the Super Spooky Forest Tour, you'll have the chance to show you are brave on and off the field. The other social games will also ask your full commitment.
You'll make new (international) friends and your enthusiasm will last all summer.

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9 to 16 years
Brasschaat, (België)
€ 375,00
9 to 14 years
Brasschaat, (België)
€ 535,00
10 to 16 years
Brasschaat, (België)
€ 650,00