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Top Hockey Camp

Top Hockey Camp

The international SportWays Top Hockey Camps have enjoyed an unbeatable reputation for years, with a focus on maximising the potential of participants. Hockey players from all over the world come to SportWays to join the camps and experience 'Dutch hockey'. Top Hockey Camps are ideal for ambitious players who want to see just how far they can push their own abilities.

Top Hockey Camp


Our Top Hockey Camps revolve around hockey and advancing your skills. During this camp, the focus is on top level hockey programmes, boosted by workshops, tactical sessions and demos by the adidas three stripes Demo Team, that showcase their best skills for you to learn from. During the clinics, it’s time for you to get to grips with learning and practising the latest techniques, supervised by top trainers. You will experience experimental training tactics and train your capacity to adapt: The level of learning at a Top Hockey week is unparalleled. We can promise that the hockey skills you learn at this camp will give a tremendous impulse to your playing level next season!

Are you ready for a Top Hockey Camp?

The Top Hockey Camps are all about hockey, hockey, and more hockey. Training sessions and clinics are standard elements of a day at camp. To make sure your skills are really improved, we use video analysis at two of the clinics. During the camps, guests, including the adidas players, will drop by to show and share their skills. The Top Hockey Camps gives you a taste of what top level hockey is. Take home that experience and put what you have learned into practice during your regular competition matches!

What can you expect?
Every SportWays Camp is unique. A few pointers you will definitely experience during your stay at a Top Hockey Camp:

  • Top clinics with top players
  • Innovative hockey programme
  • Challenging tournament
  • Sleep in tents
  • Train in an international environment
  • SportWays Muddy Survival

Top Hockey Camps

Serious hockey is serious fun!

11 to 16 years
Price: € 725,00
10 to 16 years
Price: € 675,00
10 to 16 years
Price: € 675,00