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Investing in hockey

The SportWays Lab in Barcelona is a well known concept in the world of hockey. During the week in Barcelona, all that matters is one thing: creating new hockey programs. To make sure the SportWays Magic happens, you need lots and lots of knowledge. Therefore we invite 30 top Technical Directors every year to come with us and also the experts of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and the European Hockey Federation put in their thoughts. Besides these creative hockey minds, you need the experience to complete these new training sessions and techniques. This is why also former national coaches Dave Smolenaars, Paul van As, David Passmore, Tom Smith, Mike Joyce, Andreau Enrich and Thomas Tichelman have joined the Barcelona Lab in the previous year! Because of their experience, they've made sure the SportWays Lab was a great success. This way our camps are always up-to-date and challenging!

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