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YES! Expat Overnachtingskamp 2022

10 Juli to 15 Juli

SportWays Hockey Camp and Young Expat Services organise a summer camp with lots of Dutch, lots of hockey and lots of fun! Meet other Dutch expat kids from all over the world, pratice the language during fun lessons and learn new field hockey skills. During the lessons, you will learn the Dutch language and Dutch culture in a playful way: through quizzes, Dutch food tastings, and other fun activities. The teachers are experts from Young Expat Services and are specialized in Dutch as a second language. Besides language and culture classes, you will also practice field hockey. It does not matter if you have never touched a hockey stick before, beginners and experts are all welcome to join the YES! Expat Camp!

This is the YES! Expat Overnight Camp. Looking for the day camp

What can you expect?

  • Themes such as "I love Holland" and "Hup Holland Hup"
  • 1.5hrs of Dutch language and culture lessons each day
  • Dutch as the main language during all activities*
  • Unique programme, developed by the experts of YES!
  • Fun games and social activities
  • Hockey programme for beginner, advanced, and expert
  • Training groups based on age and level (and preference)
  • 1 trainer per 8 kids

*: The spoken language during the camp is Dutch, but the staff also speaks English. 

Click here for the day camp!

from August 10 2022, 3 PM
to August 15 2022, 5 PM

11 to 16 years old


VRA Cricket Club

This price includes overnight stay, food, drinks, snacks and the SportWays camp T-shirt

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